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Press and internet releases

portalspozywczy.pl Matecznik Jam with the “Doceń polskie” (Appreciate what’s Polish) award

portalspozywczy.pl The owner of the Constans Group: We are expanding our distribution of the Matecznik jams

portalspozywczy.pl Constans owner: We do not work with discount stores

portalspozywczy.pl The Constans Group develops its cooperation with the Horeca channel

portalspozywczy.pl The Constans Company introduces its jams to the market

Kurier Poranny Matecznik Jams from Hajnówka awarded the “Doceń polskie” (Appreciate what’s Polish) prize

mieso.com.pl A refined recipe, proven ingredients and a quality-attesting certificate

rzeczpospolita.pl Jams from the Amazonia of Europe

bialowieza.pl Matecznik Jam – try a new flavor!

coolinarny.com Contest. The award is a set of organic Matecznik jams.

sadyogrody.pl Producer of traditional jams started sales through the Internet.

biokurier.pl Jam, fruit spread or marmolade? Differences and similarities

slodkieokruszki.pl A no-bake pudding tart with elderberry jam and fruit

wolniej.com.pl  How to eat more healthy? Allow good products to just appear on your table

rzeczpospolita.pl  A land of healthy food

stronazdrowia.pl Slow food – a trend of sustainable development.

przedsiebiorczepodlasie.pl Bogumił Klimiuk: The customer should pay for the product and not the markup of yet another middle-man