Who we are

Consumers usually don't realize how many products they have tried contain fruit and mushrooms delivered by us. Our company buys and sells products coming from the forest and has been in operation since 1990. The area in which we operate is unique and we live, work and relax in the shade of the Bialowieza Forest.

Our harvests are exported to numerous countries where they enjoy great popularity. However, over the years we realized that our berries should be delivered to our customers in the most natural way possible – without preservatives, dyes and enhancers. We make every effort to make sure that the fruit we buy are the best. We wonder why others can't seem to fully appreciate the tastes and health benefits of the best Mother Nature has to offer?

Matecznik in Polish is a place where the creatures of the forest rest and feed. It is a place which it inaccessible to man, far from civilization, pollution and affectation. It is like returning home, reaching the safety of the harbor. We truly offer nature, preserved in our jars. Nature in the full meaning of the word.

The Bialowieza Forest region is an area of natural and cultural abundance located right at the very verge of Eastern Poland. The Bialowieza Forest spans both sides of the boundary between Poland and Belarus. It is one of the most valuable forests in Europe with parts of it being primeval forest.

Along with the attributes of the Bialowieza National Park, numerous nature preserves and natural monuments, it is the kingdom of the largest European mammal – the European bison, or the wisent. In 1979 the forest was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the only natural area of this type in Poland

The wealth of the forest, growing without the interference of man and where natural ecological processes have been occurring for thousands of years, is at your fingertips. The Bison Exhibition Reserve, Full Preservation Reserve, The Royal Oaks Trail, The Place of Power or The Palace Park are all places which are full of history. Words just can't fully describe it. It must be experienced.