Our formula

Mother nature has scattered her best fruit on the lands surrounding Bialowieza in such a way as to ensure that they have the best conditions to thrive. It is not a coincidence that she chose different areas for different fruit, often deep in the forest and far from human interference.

Sometimes we need to go deep into the forest to gather the best berries. At early dawn the people of the forest embark on long journeys to come back with baskets full of goodies provided by Mother Nature. Some of these they keep and some they give to us, to Matecznik, so that we can preserve their taste in our jars. It would be a shame to waste anything! At the same time these people also pass on 19th century recipes which have been handed down mouth to mouth from generation to generation.

Matecznik doesn't change, doesn't "improve", doesn't adjust Mother Nature's creations. We don't compete with Mother Nature. All berries and fruit are collected from wildly growing plants without any human interference.

Fruit and berries find their way into our preserves only if they pass our strict standards of quality. On those long winter nights you should enjoy only the best, only the healthiest products.

Only pure fruit without any additives can produce the rich taste and deliver the health benefits contained in our jars. This is possible thanks to the long process of pasteurization using traditional methods of jam making in masonry bread baking ovens.

Our experience has convinced us that we shouldn't follow the spirit of the times when it comes to Mother Nature's gifts. They should be appreciated just the way they are and at Matecznik we are certain of this. Maybe it's time for others to learn.

Traditional formula from
the Bialowieza Forest region